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All appointment scheduling takes place online. Be aware that Tania’s schedule may be full.


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Tania’s Story

Tania Rae is a natural born Spiritual Psychic Medium with a big heart and spunky personality. She believes her job is to help your departed loved ones utilize her like a secretary to share detailed messages, personality traits, past memories and current events in your life, all to confirm they are still with you in “spirit”.

She finally embraced her natural born ability and opened her office in September 2013. While practicing her gifts, she quickly realized the peace, love and most of all healing that was taking place for those here on earth and the relief and healing for the spirit world. It was those moments that pushed her past her fear to the next level and to try and be of service to the best of her abilities in being a Medium.

Today, she practices professionally, full-time, as a Medium, Psychic, Healer, and Teacher.

She feels strongly her purpose is to serve and help heal both worlds. She gives all the thanks and glory to God, the spirit world, her Guides, family, friends and her dear clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered?

Tania Rae offers sessions for the following needs:

  • Psychic and Mediumship
    • in person or online readings
    • private group readings
    • public gallery readings
  • Energy Work (Medical Intuitive – BodyTalk-Reiki)
    •  in person and remote (long distance)

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How do I schedule?

The best option is to join Tania’s list to be notified of openings and get the first chance to book sessions when the calendar is opened. All sessions are scheduled online. Payment is made at the time of scheduling.



Are long distance sessions effective?

Yes! If Tania thought it would be ineffective, she wouldn’t do it. In fact, with Tania’s growing business across the United States, she does more long distance than in office.

Your job is to find a quiet place, kick back n relax 🙂


Tania does work with venues, booking agents, event planners and individuals to offer private and public group readings.

To inquire, click the button below to send an email. 



Tania believes in God, Jesus, and the ArchAngels. She is active in her Catholic faith. 

She believes her gifts are from the divine and she is the instrument between you and your creator.

While Tania’s faith is very important, she views herself more spiritual than religious. Tania is also an ordained minister.

How far out does Tania’s schedule book out?

She opens her calendar 3 months at a time. A message will be emailed out to Tania’s connected list about the day and time the calendar will be available. Generally speaking the night it opens it will fill.

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What happens if someone cancels?

Canceled appointments aren’t very common, but they do happen. Join the Get Connected to be notified of all scheduling opportunities.


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